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Sustainable Energy Solutions 2016


30 November – 7 December 2016 | Groningen, The Netherlands

In order to address the prevailing social and environmental challenges in a sustainable and lasting manner, UNIDO promotes inclusive and sustainable industrial development. One important aspect of it is the necessity to promote energy efficiency and renewable energy in industrial production. Considering that energy inputs represent an important cost of production for industries, clean energy and energy efficiency have progressively become core determinants of economic competitiveness and sustained growth.

UNIDO and the Energy Academy Europe (EAE), a centre of excellence on energy located in Groningen, the Netherlands joint forces to enhance the understanding of innovative energy solutions and to contribute to building new capacities for promoting green industry and sustainable energy systems in developing countries. UNIDO and EAE are organizing a training course for professionals to address some of the key issues relating to sustainable energy by raising awareness and conveying an in-depth understanding of energy policy, technology and financing as planning tools for developing sustainable energy systems.


The 8-day course is designed to provide participants the opportunity to familiarize themselves with current and expected trends in sustainable energy solutions and to reflect on practical, innovative and cost effective ways to address sustainability problems within the energy industry and energy systems.

Participants are expected to:

  • Identify the main global energy challenges and opportunities, as well as the nexus between energy and climate change
  • Gain a thorough understanding of energy issues from a multidimensional perspective
  • Learn about best practices in energy policy, best available technologies and effective financing options
  • Be able to consider relevant aspects for the promotion and development of sustainable energy systems

Participation in the training is open to mid-level professionals from emerging and developing countries with expertise in industrial development, energy and environment and other relevant fields, engaged in the design and implementation of policies.

Participants are expected to have prior understanding and/or practical knowledge of issues related to industrial energy efficiency, renewable energy, low emission and low carbon energy technologies, as well as energy policy and regulatory frameworks.

Course Design

The objective of this training course is to raise awareness about the key dimensions that need to be addressed to develop sustainable energy solutions for developing countries. The course will provide insights into energy systems modelling, best practices in energy policymaking, best available technologies and financing schemes.

The training course will furthermore explore how to best address these issues while considering the cross-cutting dimensions affecting society in the 21st century, including:

  1. Providing universal access to modern forms of energy
  2. Promoting clean energy technologies to enhance competitiveness of industry
  3. Enhancing energy security
  4. Addressing climate change

The course offers a dynamic mix of lecture-based and participatory teaching methods. The programme will be supported by guided study tours to enterprises and research centres in the Netherlands.

Training sessions and all materials will be in English. No translation will be provided.

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